New Patreon Podcast: Story Unboxed

Introducing Story Unboxed

As reported a few days back we’re having an Extreme Summer of Podcasting at This Is Horror. The more patrons we gain in April, the more podcasts we’ll record over the summer. Today we introduce another reason why you might want to become a This Is Horror Podcast patron …

Story Unboxed

Story Unboxed is available at the $3 reward level, it’s a brand new type of This Is Horror Podcast episode: a discussion on story craft for short stories and movies. Each episode a story or movie is discussed, we talk about what works and what doesn’t, dissecting each story and unboxing the story mechanics.

We want Story Unboxed to be an interactive experience for our patrons. Patrons vote on the story/movie they wish to see unboxed and then once a story is decided upon patrons can submit questions and comments that will become part of the discussion within the episode.

And if you’re stoked for Story Unboxed and we get just 5 patrons either upgrading to the $3 level or pledging at $3 (or above) we’ll guarantee our first Story Unboxed episode this month!

The Story Unboxed pledge is available now. So if you like the idea and want to support the This Is Horror Podcast please head on over to the This Is Horror Podcast Patreon and pledge today.

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