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Horror ChannelHorror Channel have announced their new Season of the Dead – four double bills of zombie films old and new. The Season of the Dead will feature five UK TV premieres in the month of April.

The first double bill kicks off on 6 April with George Romero’s timeless zombie classic Night of the Living Dead, the pioneering 1968 film is then followed by crazy 2003 movie Zombie King. Set in a world of masked wrestlers, tattooed broads and a zombie plague Zombie King promises a truly unique take on the time honoured story of the living dead.

A week later sees the UK TV premiere of zany zombie comedy Stag Night of the Dead, described as a mix of Night of the Living Dead and The Hangover. Crowning the night’s entertainment is Lucio Fulci’s seminal film City of the Living Dead. See women vomit intestines, faces get bitten off and brains get drilled in this Italian masterpiece.

20 April features a double bill of two bizarre films, firstly the UK TV premiere of 2011 film Cowboys vs. Zombies, which sees warring cowboys and Indians put their differences aside to battle hordes of the undead. The second film of the night is Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! a film that features a pack of exotic dancers fighting for their lives against a massive group of ghouls.

Two UK TV premieres round off the month of April, up first is Apocalypse of the Dead, a film shot in Serbia that has a distinct political edge. Closing the Season of the Dead is 2007’s Dead Heist, described as a hip hop bank heist film with zombies – this is one film that must not be missed!

Horror Channel is available on Sky – 319, Virgin – 419 and FreeSat – 138.


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