Meet The Artist Interview: Alex Forknell

Alex ForknellAlex Forknell is an emerging illustrator who has created artwork for punk/blues band Burning Condors and has had his horror piece ‘The Attic’ exhibited. He is currently working on more artwork with Burning Condors, an animated video and his own illustrated horror work.

What first drew you to horror illustration?

I was first drawn into horror illustration at a young age mainly by comics, such as 2000 AD, I used to read as a child. A lot of film interested me as a kid – Ray Harryhausen’s animated monsters in the Sinbad films and Clash of The Titans really got me into drawing monsters as well as the Television show The Munsters. I also loved the classic Universal Studios horror movie posters such as Bride Of Frankenstein – that style influenced me a lot.

Nightmare by Alex ForknellWhat’s your most famous work and what are you most proud of?

I have recently contributed my artwork to punk/blues band Burning Condors for their limited edition 7” vinyl release of Love On The Rocks/Folsom Prison Blues and produced horror art for The Attic poster. My favourite piece is an illustration entitled ‘Late Night Work’ which I tried to give a classic horror feel. I am also proud of a piece entitled ‘Nightmare’.

Talk us through your artistic style. 

My style is very traditional. I pencil my illustrations and then ink my artwork using a Dipper pen. I mainly work in black and white but when I do use colour it is a very limited palette and normally quite bold colours.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I am working on more artwork for Burning Condors as well as other personal projects.

Which horror artists do you most admire?

I really admire the artwork of Bob Powell, the horror comics he illustrated during the Golden Age of Comic Books are just fantastic, I think he had a great combination of horror and humour in his work.

How much detail do you like to put into your graphic depictions of horror and how much do you imply?

It depends on the piece, I like to hint at chilling things going on in my work mainly but occasionally It is fun to go gruesome.

Why will people like your work?

Hopefully people will like my work because they see it is created by someone with a genuine love for what they create.

The Attic by Alex ForknellWhat makes a good piece of art?

It is all subjective I suppose. I like to see art where you get a real feel of the artists personality coming through the work they have created.

Do new digital technologies such as the iPad and Kindle provide an opportunity or threat to traditional art?

I think digital media provides a great way of getting your artwork to a wider audience but I am not a huge fan of digital art. I think people will always admire artwork that is created by hand.

Recommend a graphic novel.

100 Months by John Hicklenton.

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