Look Out For… Woman In White by Kristin Dearborn and Wrapped In Skin by Mark Morris

woman_in_whiteLook Out For… Woman In White by Kristin Dearborn

“Woman In White is a gripping thriller with a hideous monster at the heart of it.”

As a fierce snowstorm descends upon the sleepy little town, a Good Samaritan stops to help a catatonic woman sitting in the middle of the icy road, and is never seen or heard from again. When the police find his car, it is splattered in more blood than the human body can hold.

While the storm rages on, the wave of disappearances continue, the victims sharing only one commonality: they are all male. Now it’s up to three young women to figure out who or what is responsible: a forensic chemist, a waitress struggling with an abusive boyfriend, and a gamer coping with the loss of her lover.

Their search will lead them on a journey filled with unspeakable horrors that are all connected to a mysterious Woman in White.

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

Kristin Dearborn and DarkFuse bring us a tale of murder and the uncanny set in the still and frozen landscape of Maine during a harsh winter. People have started to disappear from the town of Rocky Rhodes and the blood-strewn crime scenes indicate that they aren’t ever coming back…

Woman In White is a gripping thriller with a hideous monster at the heart of it, but it is also a story about the relationships between men and women. The three female central characters have back stories featuring cheating lovers, abortion and domestic abuse… and then there is the fact that whatever is out in the snowy wastes only kills men.

With its beautifully realised setting, well-written characters and fast-paced action, Woman In White is another intriguing addition to DarkFuse’s impressive line-up.

Woman In White is available now from DarkFuse.


Wrapped%20in%20Skin_FrontLook Out For… Wrapped In Skin by Mark Morris

“Wrapped In Skin is a book which shows the breadth of Morris’s talent.”

A woman haunted by a mysterious upside-down door…a meeting between a famous punk rocker and a voodoo priestess…a group of friends who willingly place themselves in the path of bullets that travel through time…Mark Morris’s stories are wrapped in strange skin. Skin suffused with regret and grief and anger. Skin that twitches with bad dreams and appalling memories. Skin that is so thin it is unable to prevent the terrors of the past from breaking through…

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

Mark Morris returns with a fantastic new short story collection, Wrapped In Skin. It’s a book which shows the breadth of Morris’s talent:  each of the stories here is proudly horror but they span the full range of the genre, from the tongue in cheek ‘The Name Game’ to the almost Aickmanesque surrealism of ‘The Red Door’. Morris is a writer not afraid to innovate, but he’s also confident enough in the genre’s strengths and his own talents to be able to write about such overused ideas as demons and ghosts and make them vital and scary again.

Mark Morris has been writing brilliant horror since Toady was released in 1989; the stories in Wrapped In Skin show that he is still at the top of his game.

Wrapped In Skin is released on 12 April 2016 from ChiZine.



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