Look Out For … Widow’s Point by Richard Chizmar & Billy Chizmar

Widow's Point - Richard Chizmar and Billy Chizmar - cover“Collaborating for the first time with his son Billy Chizmar, any new release from this author is a must-have.”


Some of the residents of Harper’s Cove believe the Widow’s Point Lighthouse is cursed. Some think it’s haunted. For over 150 years, over two dozen people have died around the lighthouse. Their deaths remain unexplained. Bestselling author Thomas Livingston is now visiting the lighthouse, unused and chained up since 1988. He’s come to research for his next book, and he’s agreed to be locked in the lighthouse by himself with no way to communicate with anyone outside. Thomas is the first person to go behind the fence in years.

He will not be alone.


Why we’re excited about this book:

Horror fans should be very familiar with Richard Chizmar. Since 1988, his magazine Cemetery Dance has defined horror magazines and serves as a benchmark of excellence. Cemetery Dance Publishing produces some of the finest special edition hardcovers that attract collectors all over the world. As a writer, Chizmar is the author of A Long December, Unearthed (with Brian Keene), and Gwendy’s Button Box with Stephen King. Collaborating for the first time with his son Billy Chizmar, any new release from this author is a must-have. Widow’s Point releases 28 February 2018 and is available for pre-order at Amazon right now. 


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