Look Out For … The Fall: Five More Tales From The Gulp by Alan Baxter

The Fall by Alan Baxter - cover“With this second entry set in The Gulp locale, Baxter ups the ante and rips the place apart with five more novellas of nightmarish cosmic horror.”

Some maps don’t even have a location for the isolated Australian harbor town called Gulpepper. Only outsiders call it Gulpepper … the locals call it The Gulp. 

The Gulp has a nasty habit of swallowing people.

A ruined early retirement.
The crew of a fishing boat finds themselves somewhere unexpected.
A farmer and his wife argue. Things turn violent, then completely catastrophic.
A Scout troop from Enden travel a little too far into The Gulp on their bush excursion.
As things get even stranger in The Gulp, they quickly run out of control.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Readers should be very familiar with the work of Alan Baxter. The author of the Alex Caine series, the Jake Crowley Adventures (with David Wood), Devouring DarkHidden City, The Roo, the Eli Carver series (Manifest Recall, Recall Night, and Ghost Recall), as well as The Gulp, Baxter’s short fiction has been included in such anthologies as Dead of Night, Suspended in Dusk IIThe Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror, and two short-story collections, Crow Shine and Served Cold. With this second entry set in The Gulp locale, Baxter ups the ante and rips the place apart with five more novellas of nightmarish cosmic horrors. Ross Jeffery (Tome, Only the Stains Remain) says: “These two books are a masterpiece … and show a writer who is at the top of their game. Buy the books, take the ride and enjoy this slice of Australian small-town horror …  you won’t regret it!”

Why Alan’s excited about this book:

“When I wrote The Gulp I wasn’t sure how it would be received, and I was stunned at the positive response. Then when I wrote The Fall, I was terrified it wouldn’t live up to its predecessor. I’m equally stunned at the early responses coming in. If anything, most people think it’s even better than The Gulp, which is more than I could have hoped for. Each book contains five long stories—weird, strange, creepy, violent Australian cosmic horror—and each story stands alone, but together they make a mosaic novel in ten parts across two books. It was a bit of an audacious thing to attempt, but it’s starting to look like I pulled it off, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Forthcoming 12 April 2022, The Fall by Alan Baxter is available for pre-order now. 





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