Look Out For … The Boatman’s Daughter by Andy Davidson

The Boatman's Daughter by Andy Davidson - cover“With this creepy Southern Gothic,  Davidson conjures a very personal and dangerous fight for survival you won’t soon forget.”

Miranda Crabtree has been on her own since her father died. That was years ago, and now she’s constantly looking over her shoulder, living off the land, making ends meet by ferrying contraband for a mad preacher, all to keep an old witch and a young child safe.

But the bayou holds dark forces, some human, and some supernatural, and Miranda’s life is about to turn upside down. The preacher makes an unimaginable demand of Miranda, setting her on a dangerous path.

Now Miranda will find out how far she has to go to keep her loved ones out of harm’s way.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Andy Davidson hit the horror scene in the summer of 2017 with In the Valley of the Sun. Armed with a blurb from Stephen Graham Jones, this Southern vampire novel grabbed horror fans by the neck, garnering a Stoker Award nomination in the Superior Achievement in a First Novel category, and winning the This Is Horror Award for Best Novel, as well as the 2018 Silver Falchion Award, and the 2018 Edinburgh International Book Festival’s First Book Award. Jeremy Robert Johnson (Entropy in Bloom, Skullcrack City) says: The Boatman’s Daughter―a beautiful and brutal Southern Gothic that enchants and horrifies and hits like a wrecking ball from its opening pages―is fantastic in every sense of the word. Fans of Lansdale, Piccirilli, and McCarthy will dig this wholeheartedly, though the alchemy and magic here are Davidson’s own and mark him as a major voice in modern dark fiction.” With this creepy Southern Gothic,  Davidson conjures a very personal and dangerous fight for survival you won’t soon forget.

Why Andy’s excited about this book:

“For me, writing a novel can be an arduous, prolonged process marked by periods of intense but short-lived joy. This was not the case while writing The Boatman’s Daughter. Miranda Crabtree’s story was one I fell in love with as both a writer and a reader from the very beginning, and so the joy in the telling was pervasive. Hers is a weird, wondrous fairy tale, a ghost story, a Gothic thriller. A story about the families we find in the strangest, most harrowing places—how they shape us and even sometimes break us, and how we go about picking up the pieces. I can’t wait for it to find its way into the world.”

Forthcoming from FSG Originals, The Boatman’s Daughter by Andy Davidson releases 11 February 2020 and is available for pre-order now.


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