Look Out For … Slash of the Titans by Dustin McNeill

slash-of-the-titans-coverLook Out For … Slash of the Titans by Dustin McNeill

The story of one film, two horror icons and an army of screenwriters.”

Slash Of The Titans, which is better explained by its subtitle The Road To Freddy Vs Jason, is the story of the ten years between the delicious tease at the end of Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (it wasn’t, but that’s another book) in which Jason’s iconic hockey masked is dragged down to hell by Freddy Krueger’s equally iconic glove and the release of Ronny Yu’s 2003 movie that finally saw these two horror legends meet on the big screen.

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

The film industry is littered with tales of films that might have been (Nic Cage’s version of Superman, for instance), but for horror fans in the late 1990s there was only one movie that they wanted to see, and that was one pitting Springwood’s Freddy Kruger against Crystal Lake’s Jason Vorhees. As is often the case, though, as entertaining as the film was (and it was, if you didn’t take it too seriously), the torturous journey to get there is eminently more intriguing, and for those of a creative persuasion, a fascinating tale of development, conflict, passion and creativity.

Slash of the Titans is due out in February 2017, and has a trailer which can be watched here.


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