Look Out For… No One Gets Out Alive by Adam Nevill and The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 25

No-One-Gets-pbb-Nevill-395x600Look Out For… No One Gets Out Alive by Adam Nevill

“No One Gets Out Alive is likely to be one of the biggest horror releases of the year.”

Cash-strapped, working for temping agencies and living in shared accommodation, Stephanie Booth feels she can fall no further. So when she takes a new room at the right price, she believes her luck has finally turned. But 82 Edgehill Road is not what it appears to be.

It’s not only the eerie atmosphere of the vast, neglected house, or the disturbing attitude of her new landlord, Knacker McGuire, that makes her uneasy – it’s the whispers behind the fireplace, the scratching beneath floors, the footsteps in the dark and the young women weeping in neighbouring rooms. When Knacker’s menacing cousin Fergal arrives, the danger exceeds her darkest imaginings.

But this is merely a beginning, a gateway to horrors beyond Stephanie’s worst nightmares. And in a house where no one listens to the screams, will she ever get out alive?

Why We’re Excited About This Book: Adam Nevill occupies a curious position in the modern horror world: both a commercially successful writer and one who’s not afraid to take creative risks that seem decidedly uncommercial. (Or maybe it’s just publishing’s view of what is ‘commercial’ is disappointingly close-minded.) His latest work looks set to continue both trends.  No One Gets Out Alive combines elements of the classic haunted house ghost story, violent non-supernatural horror, musings on mental and social themes, and an examination of the ‘women as victims’ trope in horror fiction. Likely to be one of the biggest UK horror releases of the year, we’re spoilt by the fact it’s also likely to be one of the most rewarding.

This Book Will Appeal To: readers looking for an intellectually satisfying book that’s also a relentlessly scary page-turner…

No One Gets Out Alive is out on 23 October 2014 from Macmillan.

mbo-bnh25-ro350Look Out For … The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 25

“The table of contents is enough to get horror fiction fans salivating.”

For a quarter of a century, this multiple award-winning annual selection has showcased some of the very best, and most disturbing, short stories and novellas of horror and the supernatural. As always, this landmark volume features superior fiction from such masters of the genre and newcomers in contemporary horror as Michael Chislett; Thana Niveau; Reggie Oliver; Tanith Lee; Niel Gaiman; Robert Shearman; Simon Strantzas; Lavie Tidhar; Simon Kurt Unsworth and Halli Villegas.

With an in-depth introduction covering the year in horror, a fascinating necrology and a unique contact directory, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror remains the world’s leading anthology dedicated solely to presenting the very best in modern horror.

Why We’re Excited About This Book: Twenty-five years! Whilst there’s a number of young upstarts in the yearly ‘Best Of’ market nowadays, there’s no doubt that The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror series wins the award for longevity. Edited by Stephen Jones, this volume brings together horror stories both by old hands and new blood, and the table of contents for this latest volume is enough to get horror fiction fans salivating. The Mammoth books always live up to their name in terms of size, including a long introduction looking at the current trends in horror. The editor also tends to pick a novella or two as well as short stories, and this year is no different, as the book features the fabulous Whitstable by Stephen Volk – likely well known to many This Is Horror readers already. The book also includes work by such writers as Angela Slatter, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Nicholas Royle, Lynda E Rucker and the late Joel Lane.

This Book Will Appeal To: Given its wide-ranging nature, all of you.

The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 25 is out on 16 October 2014 from Robinson.


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