Look Out For … Larry 3D by Adam Millard

Look Out For … Larry 3D by Adam Millard

“An author with the uncanny ability to meld horror and humour with side-splitting slaughter..”

The theatre is packed, the popcorn is still warm and severely overpriced, and the curtains are about to open for the first time. Horror fans have gathered for the annual FearFest convention, and this year, despite the myriad reboots and remakes, an anxious buzz permeates the theatre.

It is the premiere of Larry 3D (or Larry 3-SQUEEE, thanks to the assholes behind its marketing campaign). Based upon true events (no, seriously!), the film recreates the rise, demise, and reanimation of Larry ‘Pigface’ Travers – a remarkable performance by Willem Dafoe which critics are already calling, “Unhinged!” and, “Truly awful!”.

But when the film starts rolling, the terror becomes all too real. Somehow, Pigface has passed through the dimensions, escaped the movie and landed himself slap-bang in the middle of reality. And now he has a theatre filled with horny teenagers to butcher. Magically pursuing a group of survivors in and out of classic horror films – Psycho, Dawn of the Dead, Suspiria, and an accidental stop-off in Labyrinth (where a battle with Jareth’s crotch almost sends him back to the grave) – Pigface targets his highest body-count to date.

Only one man can stop him.

And that man is Willem Dafoe.

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

Those familiar with Adam Millard’s work will need no introduction to his unique style and deliciously skewed view of the world. A Millard book is a rollercoaster ride through the strange and bizarre mind of an author with the uncanny ability to meld horror and humour with side-splitting slaughter. If you haven’t read a Millard book, get up to speed with the first two Larrys and prepare to be entertained.

Larry 3D is out on 8 January 2017 and is available from Amazon.


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