Look Out For… GodBomb! by Kit Power and Ghostly: A Collection Of Ghost Stories

5676854Look Out For… GodBomb! by Kit Power

“An original, twisting, fast-paced story which will keep readers guessing how it will all end.”

Somebody wants answers.

North Devon, England. 1995. A born-again revival meeting in a public building. The usual mix of the faithful, the curious, and the desperate. And one other–an atheist suicide bomber. He’s angry. He wants answers. And if God doesn’t come and talk to him personally, he’s going to kill everyone in the building…

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

“Do you believe God is real?” Not a question normally asked aloud at a Sunday morning service, especially not a born-again one. But in GodBomb! by Kit Power, this question is asked by a young man sitting in the congregation, who the kindly preacher calls up to the front, perhaps seeking a convert… It is then the young man, who seems to be visibly tense and sweating, reveals he’s wearing a bomb that can kill everyone in the building. And he’ll do it, too, unless God comes and speaks to him. In person.

This is Power’s first novel after a number of successful short stories; the larger canvas afforded him by the longer length allows him to explore multiple character’s point of view, as events inside the building get increasingly desperate and violent. From this set-up, at once both deliciously simple (the story takes place over just a few hours) and thematically complex, Kit Power delivers an original, twisting, fast-paced story which will not only keep readers guessing how it will all end, but have them questioning their own beliefs as well. Recommended.

GodBomb! is released on 28 September 2015 by The Sinister Horror Company


ghostly-9781501111198_hrLook Out For… Ghostly: A Collection Of Ghost Stories

“Niffenegger’s introduction is a mini-masterpiece in itself, full of quotable lines and insights into the ghost story”

Haunted houses, spectral chills, and of course, the odd cat…

In this volume, Audrey Niffenegger, bestselling author of The Time Traveler’s Wife, has brought together her selection of the very creepiest, weirdest and wittiest ghost stories around. Scare yourself silly with old favourites by Edgar Allan Poe and M. R. James. Entertain the unnerving with tales from Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link and Audrey Niffenegger herself. And as bedtime nears, allay your fears with funny new writing from Amy Giacalone and the classic wit of Saki.

When the nights draw in and the fire burns low, enjoy the eeriness, the dread and the comedy of all things ghostly.

Why We’re Excited About This Book: Ghost story anthologies need something distinctive to stand out nowadays; Ghostly edited by Audrey Niffenegger certainly does, with its striking cover and interior illustrations by Niffenegger herself.

Her introduction to the book is a mini-masterpiece in itself, full of quotable lines and insights into the ghost story:  “Ghost stories are speculations, little experiments in death. We try it on for size–it never quite fits.” Niffenegger states she has selected stories about domestic hauntings: of our houses, of our children and lovers, of our cats. The tales in Ghostly range from established classics by Edith Wharton and Ray Bradbury, to newer stories by A.S. Byatt and Kelly Link.

By turns scary and comic, the stories in Ghostly are ideal reading for a cold winter’s night.

Ghostly: A Collection Of Ghost Stories is released on 24 September 2015 by Vintage.


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