Look Out For… Flowers In A Dumpster by Mark Allan Gunnells and Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies

Flowers-in-the-Dumpster-cover-e1443682417848Look Out For… Flowers In A Dumpster by Mark Allan Gunnells

“Within you’ll find ghost hunters, possessed porn stars, serial killers and all manner of twisted darkness.”

The world is full of beauty and mystery. In these 17 tales, Gunnells will take you on a journey through landscapes of light and darkness, rapture and agony, hope and fear.

A post-apocalyptic landscape where it is safer to forget who you once were… An unusual support group comprised of cities dying of a common illness… A porn star that has opened himself up to demonic forces… Two men battling each other to the death who discover they have much in common… A woman whose masochistic tendencies may be her boyfriend’s ruin… A writer whose new friendship proves a danger to his marriage and his sanity.

Let Gunnells guide you through these landscapes where magnificence and decay co-exist side by side. Come pick a bouquet from these Flowers in a Dumpster.

Why We’re Excited About This Book: Fans of horror short fiction have had much to enjoy this year, and December promises to be no different with the latest release from Crystal Lake Publishing. Flowers In A Dumpster is a collection of seventeen short stories from the pen of Mark Allan Gunnells. Gunnells is a passionate and talented advocate of horror in the short story form and that passion has paid off, as Flowers In A Dumpster has already won advance praise from the likes of Ramsey Campbell, who describes it as “a collection of considerable range and depth.”

Within these pages you’ll find ghost hunters, possessed porn stars, serial killers and all manner of twisted darkness. If you’re a short story fan, what better way to end the year?

Flowers In A Dumpster is out on 4th December 2015 from Crystal Lake.


folk_horrorLook Out For… Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies

“Here’s hoping Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies  is the first volume of many.”

Featuring essays and interviews by many great cinematic, musical, artistic and literary talents, Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies is the most comprehensive and engaging exploration to date of the sub genre of Folk Horror and associated fields in cinema, television, music, art, culture and folklore.

Includes contributions by Kim Newman, Robin Hardy, Thomas Ligotti, Philip Pullman, Gary Lachman and many, many more.

Why We’re Excited About This Book: Folk Horror Revival is the brainchild of Andy Paciorek. It started life as a Facebook page for fans to discuss works like The Wicker Man and The Green Man. There was obviously much interest for this peculiarly British sub-genre of horror, for Folk Horror Revival has grown to such an extent that Paciorek has now put together this book of essays and interviews on the subject of folk horror.

Containing pieces on such diverse subjects as Quatermass, weird Americana, John Wyndham and the ambient music of Brian Eno, this is a varied and ambitious venture. Here’s hoping it’s the first volume of many.

The book is dedicated to Lord Summerisle himself, Christopher Lee.  All profits from Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies will be donated to The Wildlife Trust.

Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies is out now from Wyrd Harvest Press.



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