Look Out For… Devil’s Breath by Greg F. Gifune and Sisters Of The Revolution

Look Out For… Devil’s Breath by Greg F. Gifune

Devils Breath“Combines a fast-paced, high-stakes plot with a graceful and even darkly poetic style.”

In a dying coastal town near Cape Cod, Stanley Falk lives a quiet and unassuming life as a dishwasher. A shell of what and who he once was, Stanley is a man with a dark and violent past who does his best to forget by drinking it all away. But one morning he awakens to find his meager bank account emptied and his memory of the drunken evening prior wiped clean.

Vague memories and terrible nightmares of evil gods, distant planets and a hideous room where torture has been practiced and blood flows like water haunt his every waking moment. Something depraved is intent on dragging him back into the same pit of darkness he’s fought his entire life to crawl out of, and now there are others, in the shadows, watching his every move and luring him closer to a truth beyond comprehension…beyond evil…beyond anything he’s ever imagined possible.

You worship what you do not know.

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

Award winning author of over twenty books, Greg F. Gifune returns with another novel of paranoia, conspiracy and the supernatural. The central character of Devil’s Breath, Stanley Falks, is man who might appear to have lost everything… but when he is on the verge of ending his own life there is a knock at his door and he finds out there’s always more to lose. Stanley is drawn into an increasingly dark and monstrous conspiracy where what is real can be doubted and even his own memories are suspect.

Gifune is a writer who always manages to combine a fast-paced, high-stakes plot with a graceful and darkly poetic style and Devil’s Breath looks set to be no exception. A treat for all his existing fans and a perfect place to start for those new to him, this one is highly anticipated.

Devil’s Breath is released on 7 July 2015 from Darkfuse.


Look Out For… Sisters Of The Revolution

Sisters“A comprehensive, genre-spanning collection of horror, fantasy and science-fiction from female authors.”

Sisters of the Revolution gathers a highly curated selection of feminist speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror and more) chosen by one of the most respected editorial teams in speculative literature today, the award-winning Ann and Jeff VanderMeer. Including stories from the 1970s to the present day, the collection seeks to expand the conversation about feminism while engaging the reader in a wealth of imaginative ideas. Sisters of the Revolution seeks to expand the ideas of both contemporary fiction and feminism to new fronts.

Why We’re Excited About This Book:

Ann and Jeff VanderMeer are responsible for some of the best anthologies of recent years, and in Sisters Of The Revolution they look to have done it again. The book is a comprehensive, genre-spanning collection of horror, fantasy and science-fiction from female authors.

Given recent ‘events’ in the genre community it’s nice to see a book such as this, making a positive case for progressiveness and diversity. The book takes as its starting point the explosion of feminist speculative fiction in the 70s, characterised by writers like James Tiptree Jr, whose superb and genuinely horrifying ‘The Screwfly Solution’ is included here. (Arguments about whether Tiptree’s stories could possibly have been written by a woman were common when her stories first appeared.) The anthology spans the decades since, with contemporary writers like Rachel Swirsky appearing alongside the likes of Joanna Russ, Tanith Lee and Octavia E Butler.

Timely, comprehensive and full of fantastic stories, Sisters Of The Revolution looks set to be one of the best anthologies of the year.

Sisters Of The Revolution is released on 3 July 2015 from PM Press.


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