Look Out For … Bloom by Delilah S. Dawson

Bloom by Delilah S. Dawson - cover“With her latest, Dawson presents a seemingly cozy tale of obsessive infatuation that quickly turns gruesomely violent.”

After meeting Ash at the local farmers’ market, Rosemary is smitten. Ash is pretty, practically perfect, selling bars of soap in pastel colors, sprinkled cupcakes, jars of honey, and beeswax candles.

Ro hasn’t ever felt this way about a woman before … this tug-a-rope of wanting to be someone and wanting to be with someone. As her obsession with Ash grows, Ro realizes there’s more to this than she first thought.

Ro may not be the only one doing the devouring …

Why we’re excited about this book:

Delilah S. Dawson is known for pulling no punches when it comes to thrilling readings in any genre. The author of The Violence, Mine, Servants of the Storm, as well as the Blud series and The Tales of Pell series (with Kevin Hearn) Dawson also writes as Lila Bowen with The Shadow series. Dawson has also written for Star Wars (Phasma, Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade), and Minecraft. With her latest, Dawson presents a seemingly cozy tale of obsessive infatuation that quickly turns gruesomely violent. Kristi DeMeester (Such a Pretty Smile) says: “Gruesome and lovely, Bloom is compulsively readable. Like being slowly boiled alive, by the time you see the rot beneath the beauty, it’s already too late. You’re hooked.”, and Gwendolyn Kiste (Reluctant Immortals) says: “Sumptuous, strange, and horrifying, Bloom walks the tenuous line between the ultimate romance and the ultimate nightmare. Delilah S. Dawson has created quite an intense and terrifying couple in her characters of Ro and Ash, and by the time you’ve finished the last page of this book, you won’t soon forget them.” Paul Tremblay (The Pallbearers Club) says: “Sensual, smart, biting, and downright nasty, Bloom is a dizzying, heady feast for the discerning palate. I devoured this book in one greedy sitting.”

Releasing from Titan Books 3 October 2023, Bloom by Delilah S. Dawson is available for pre-order now.



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