Look Out For… Blockbuster by Lisa Von Biela and Trigger Warnings by Brian Keene

BlockbusterLook Out For… Blockbuster by Lisa Von Biela

“A fast-paced thriller where the horror comes from human greed and corruption.”

In the year 2025, survival of the fittest takes on new importance. Hungry for market share and driven by greed, BigPharma companies battle to produce the next blockbuster drug. And they will go to any length to win—and survive.

Dan Tremaine has found the secret to success for Denali Labs. Phil Horton is desperate to save his family firm, Horton Drugs. When they’re put in a head-to-head competition to find the cure for a deadly flesh-eating disease, who will win?

And at what cost?

The clock is ticking. The body count is rising. And someone has created a monster.

Why We’re Excited About This Book: Blockbuster is a medical sci-fi thriller from DarkFuse. It’s about the horrors of an all too plausible future where big pharmacy corporations run amok, releasing diseases to infect people so they can rack up the profit-margin selling a cure. It will probably come as no surprise to readers that, when a new MRA-style super pathogen is released, things don’t go entirely to plan…

A different style of story from DarkFuse’s normal output, but just as intriguing, Blockbuster  is a fast-paced thriller where the horror comes from human greed and corruption. Playing on very contemporary fears of Ebola, genetic engineering and corporate power, Blockbuster may well leave you unable to sleep at night as effectively as any vampire or ghost story.

Blockbuster is out on 6 January 2015 from DarkFuse.


Trigger-High-Resolution-StraightLook Out For … Trigger Warnings by Brian Keene

“Keene has a blunt and sardonic style when addressing what he sees as the idiocies of the world…”

This incendiary new non-fiction collection by World Horror Grand Master Award winning author Brian Keene walks the line between profound and profane, poking and prodding everything from pop culture to politics. Whether it’s the downfall of America’s oldest mass-market publisher, the Second Amendment, advice on writing, marriage equality, crazed Internet trolls, writer’s organizations, the death of the Borders retail chain, misogyny in comic books, the history of the horror genre, or the apathy of a fading political system, Brian Keene shares his thoughts in that blunt, sardonic style readers have come to love.

Brian Keene’s Trigger Warnings. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Why We’re Excited About This Book: Many of This Is Horror readers will be aware of Brian Keene’s novels such as The Conquer Worm, Ghoul and The Rising; now Trigger Warnings collects together over sixty pieces of Keene’s non-fiction. Trigger Warnings contains articles on topics as diverse as the horror genre and the state of publishing, comic book misogyny, book signings from Hell, and gun-culture. But these are no dry and dusty essays; the book’s irreverent tone is evident from the start where he addresses the fan theories that ‘Brian Keene’ is really the same person as Dean R Koontz…

As anyone who follows Keene on social media will know, he has a blunt and sardonic style when addressing what he sees as the idiocies of the world; Trigger Warnings pulls no punches. Many of the pieces deconstruct the perceived glamour of being a full-time author or detail the low points of his career with admirable honesty, making this essential reading for those interested in horror, aspiring writers and Keene’s legions of fans.

Trigger Warnings is out now.


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