Look Out For … Black Wings by Megan Hart

Black Wings by Megan Hart cover

Black Wings sounds like a strange brew of The Bad Seed and dark magic that will keep us turning pages late into the night.”


When Briella Blake is invited to attend Parkhaven, a private school for the gifted, her sinister genius rears its ugly head in ways her mother Marian cannot deny are a little strange. And then there’s Briella’s relationship with Onyx, a raven that’s just as smart as her. Restricting her daughter from the bird does nothing to stop their interactions, as Briella experiments with the ability to recreate and save a person’s entire set of memories.

Marian becomes pregnant with a sibling Briella doesn’t want, and now she’s convinced there’s something wrong with with her eldest daughter. The strange sickness and unexplained deaths … surely they can’t be Briella’s fault, right? With Onyx helping her like some kind of paranormal sidekick? The whole thing just sounds ridiculous.

As the complications with her pregnancy build and take hold of Marian’s health, she begins to realize that the worst thing isn’t if something terrible happens to your child …

It is that the most terrible thing is your child.

Why we’re excited about this book: 

Flame Tree Press has been knocking it out of the park with their Fiction Without Frontiers series, bringing out-of-print classics back into bookstores and new and exciting writers to the forefront of the genre. Megan Hart, author of All the Secrets We Keep, Womb, Little Secrets, and Blood Born among many other titles, is a New York Times bestselling author, and no stranger to horror fiction. Hart’s Black Wings sounds like a strange brew of the The Bad Seed and dark magic that will keep us turning pages late into the night. Releasing 14 February 2019 from Flame Tree Press, Black Wings by Megan Hart is available for pre-order now.





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