Look Out For … Among the Living by Tim Lebbon

Among the Living by Tim Lebbon - cover“With his latest novel, Lebbon continues his foray into eco-horror with a relevant and terrifying novel set in the melting Arctic region.”

Dean and Bethan are estranged friends split apart from opposing ideologies. Bethan and her friends are environmental activists, doing their best to protect the planet. Dean’s group exploits rare minerals deep in the earth. For five years Dean and Bethan have stood against each other at every turn. 

When Dean’s exploration team unleashes a horrifying contagion that’s rested undisturbed for millennia, he’s forced to work with Bethan to stop the terrors emerging from the caves. Both teams begin a perilous journey across the unpredictable landscape. They must learn to work together to survive, and stop the horror from spreading across the world.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Readers should be quite familiar with the work of Tim Lebbon. With over 45 novels under his belt, Lebbon is the author of Relics, Coldbrook, The Silence, The Last Storm, Eden, White, and The Folded Land among others, and has written tie-ins for such franchises as Alien, Predator, and Hellboy. Lebbon’s novel The Silence was adapted as a feature film on Netflix, and his novella Pay the Ghost was adapted into a film staring Nicolas Cage. With his latest novel, Lebbon continues his foray into eco-horror with a relevant and terrifying novel set in the melting Arctic region. Ally Wilkes (All the White Spaces) says: “Tim Lebbon is the absolute king of modern climate-change eco-horror. Fans of Eden will adore this one, set on an island in the Arctic Circle, where something lurks in caves underneath the permafrost. Explosions! Body horror! A doomed ship! MONSTERS”, Rio Youers (Lola on Fire) says: “A heart-pounding suspense novel set in a highly believable, not-too-distant future, with humankind and the environment bringing the terror in equal measures. Among the Living is yet another absolute belter from Tim Lebbon, a true master of the eco-horror subgenre.”, and Cynthia Pelayo (The Shoemaker’s Magician, Children of Chicago) says: “Among the Living is expertly tense, showcasing not only the dread of human distrust, but the destructive possibilities that rest beneath the surface. Tim Lebbon is a master of eco horror.”

Unleashing from Titan Books 6 February 2024, Among the Living by Tim Lebbon is available for pre-order now.



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