Look Out For … All the Dead Men by Errick Nunnally

All the Dead Men by Errick Nunnally - cover“This continuation of the Alexander Smith saga can be read as a standalone, and builds upon the fast-paced, hyper-violent horror-noir Nunnally is known for.”

Alexander Smith definitely has his hands full with a vampire church worshiping the image of a woman who seems familiar to him, hellbent on restoring vampires over humans. When the pornographic video of a woman he rescued as a child, years ago surfaces, and his daughter, Ana, missing, Alexander realizes he wants no part of any of this, but has no choice but to act.

No allies, his pack decimated, with no other clues, Alexander confronts The Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Death and faces an unexpected threat: Ana’s grandsire. Old yet powerful, this vampire has consumed his own soul, and wants nothing more than to possess all that Alexander holds dear.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Errick Nunnally calls Rhode Island home, but was born and raised in Boston. A steady diet of horror, comics, science-fiction, art, and history continuously feed his creative nature. Author of Lost in Transition, Lightning Wears a Red Cape, and Blood for the Sun, Errick’s short fiction has been published in anthologies and magazines such as Lamplighter, The Final Summons, Wicked Witches, Transcendent, and The Dystopian States of America. This continuation of the Alexander Smith saga can be read as a standalone, and builds upon the fast-paced, hyper-violent horror-noir Nunnally is known for. Christopher Golden (Ararat, Red Hands) says: “If Richard Kadrey and Walter Mosley made a baby, he’d have written All the Dead Men. Fortunately, Errick Nunnally’s got us covered. Brutal and original. If hard-boiled horror noir is your jam, grab this book. If it isn’t … I feel sad for you.”

Why Errick’s excited about this book:

“My character, Alexander Smith, is the product of such a long process and I hold him very close to my heart. Writing his story is a distinct pleasure. I created him in several, black and white painted comic-book pages during college. Then he was heavily modified after conversations with Erin Ko, near the end of college, while we tried to produce a comic together. Then several years later, during a layoff, I decided to sit down and write the first book, Blood for the Sun. It was literally sold on an elevator pitch, a few years later, to Vikki Ciaffone at Spencer Hill. Well, shortly after getting the book published, I had the sequel ready to go, and the publisher went awry. I never had a chance to get the sequel out. It was lovely having people ask about it, but heartbreaking not to have a publisher for it. Thanks to John McIlveen at Twisted Publishing (an imprint of Haverhill House Publishing) we are on track for the trilogy! I am pleased as all get out to be sharing the full story with fans.”

Forthcoming from 20 July 2020 from Twisted Publishing, All the Dead Men by Errick Nunnally is available for pre-order now.


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