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The Australian Paranormal Society (APS) is a not-for-profit paranormal research and investigation group based in Melbourne, Australia. Their main Internet presence is via their Facebook page, and they have a large following that is growing every day. The lead investigators are Bill and Amanda Tabone, and there are eight other investigators and a resident medium. The following account by Bill Tabone is of an APS early investigation that spanned eight months. Apart from the APS, names have been changed for privacy reasons.

We were called in to investigate an account of a haunting in our home city by a personal friend and fellow paranormal investigator. Upon arrival, we observed that the residence was a very neat public housing home occupied by a single/separated mother and her children. Initially the lady, Mary, experienced little things starting a few months after she moved in. By the time we were asked to investigate, she had been at the house for approximately six years, and during that time she had experienced a growing number of occurrences and unexplained phenomena. These included: noises in the night; being touched lightly when there was no-one there; things going missing or being moved; and electrical appliances turning on or off by themselves, especially when members of the family were upset.

By the time Mary reached out for help, things had taken a sinister turn, with the entities’ actions becoming extremely physical and dangerous. The assaults had become both more physical and more personal in nature. In one instance, Mary was thrown backwards on to the bed, unable to move or scream, and sexually assaulted. This occurred on many nights following the first attack, even when sleeping with the lights on and in her children’s rooms. Soon, she noticed a pattern in the lead-up to the assaults, with loud unexplained noises before each attack, loud enough to hurt her ears. The activity got so bad that she took to sleeping in her car.

At another point in the investigation the lady moved herself and her family into a one room bungalow in her backyard but was plagued by something unseen banging on all the walls and roof so loud it was impossible to sleep, so they had to return to the house. All through the investigation Mary was receiving counselling, and a leading member of the APS did try and arrange alternative housing for Mary on several occasions, with no success.

During the time the APS were investigating, a great deal of evidence was gathered, and the team members witnessed many unusual events. After one particularly nasty assault, Mandy examined the lady and there were large hand marks on her legs and inner thighs.

The APS conducted many hundreds of electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and spirit box sessions that yielded some amazing results, including a recording that seemed to contain the voices of the spirits that were harassing Mary, with seven individual voices that could be discerned. In this recording we also received some of the names of the spirits involved and were able to match them to local records showing that one was the original land owner. APS research showed that the old land owner had a reputation as quite a nasty character.

Many of the EVPs were also threatening, stating things such as: “F*** off, you c***s” “I’ll kill you” and “It’s none of your business.” There were also statements about the sexual aspect of the ongoing assaults. These are just a few of the EVPs that were captured over the total investigation. Many times the statements were repeated when prompted to do so.


The APS also had video footage running whenever possible.

“On several occasions when the house was to be empty, we set up our cameras and then physically sealed all the windows and doors so no one could enter the house without us knowing,” said Bill. “We also set up cameras so as they monitored each other. When analysing the footage, we captured many unusual and unexplained events.”

Many light anomalies were captured, and the sound of things being moved or thrown, even the sounds of something heavy being dragged, such as furniture, on many occasions were heard off camera, although we were sure there was no-one in the house. Cameras that were tested and found to be in perfect working order before and after the house was sealed were experiencing electrical interference during the filming and were even moved to point in a different direction.

During one of these lockdown/sealed events, a guitar that was leaning in the corner of a wall and a gas heater appeared to move forward, slide down the front of the heater and then move back.

There were many things that were experienced by the investigative team as well as Mary, which included the following:

  • Shoes and thongs being thrown at individuals by unseen hands.
  • An investigator being hit in the leg, the resulting pain lasted for several months.
  • When Mary was sitting on her couch with an investigator on each side of her and several others in the room. Mary would feel something/someone blowing on her face, and the investigators could see her hair moving and feel the air movement but could not find any source. This happened on several occasions.
  • Several investigators were grabbed around the throat at different times, with one actually feeling like he was being strangled.

A strange cat-like creature without a face was witnessed by several of the family members but no evidence was found of this. One family member claimed to see the creature charge toward them and pounce, only to disappear mid-air. Extreme cold and hot spots were experienced throughout the residence during the long investigation, registering on digital and analogue thermometers with no explanation. One of the digital voice recorders used by the investigation team had its internal wiring fried during an EVP session, with the machine billowing smoke in front of a number of people.

These are just some of the experiences, evidence, and events that occurred at Mary’s home, but enough to show the magnitude of the activity that was present. The APS, along with religious representatives from Mary’s church, conducted a house clearing, and this did seem to remove the negative energies and allow Mary to return to her life.

APS representatives visited Mary several times to check in on her and other activity still occurred, but it was of a more genial nature, with little sign of any negative intention. The area and house is extremely hard to explain using any scientific methods, so it goes in the APS files as ‘Not explained to any degree.’

People can take what they want from this case. The APS does not claim to have any solid scientific proof of paranormal activity, and interpretation is left to the reader.


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