Hush Finds A New Home On Kindle

HushFebruary has seen the re-release of Gavin Williams and Tim Lebbon’s co-written dark fantasy novel Hush as an e-book. After being out of print for several years this chilling tale of post-apocalyptic fantasy is now available and ready to be unleashed on a whole new generation of readers.

Hush is the story of Jacob and his band of animal activists, their world is turned upside down when they raid an animal testing facility and find a teenage girl locked in a cage. After rescuing her and making their escape, Jacob and his ex-girlfriend, Maria, soon discover that the girl is much more than the average teenager. She may well be their only hope against the dark forces that seem intent on pursuing them.

The Kindle edition has recently hit both UK and US Amazon stores and is priced at £3.08 ($4.87) and is available to buy now. Buy Hush by Tim Lebbon and Gavin Williams in the UK or US through our affiliate links and you’ll provide us with much appreciated remuneration.

Keep an eye on This Is Horror over the next few weeks for a review of this fantastic book.

                                                       DAN HOWARTH

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