TIH 010: Stephen McGeagh on Habit, Manchester and Creative Writing


In this podcast we interview Stephen McGeagh, the author of Habit, a brand new horror novel from Salt Publishing.


[3:02] The genesis of Habit

[5:00] Working with Nicholas Royle

[5:44] Sense of place and Manchester in Habit

[7:20] Critical response and praise from contemporaries

[9:19] Twisted Tales event

[11:20] The blurring of genres within Habit

[13:50] The first person narrative

[15:00] Plotted VS Free writing

[17:35] Lessons learned from Habit

[20:19] The Creative Writing course

[24:30] When to and not to take on board constructive criticism

[26:35] Forthcoming projects

[29:13] Juggling the writing routine with other commitments

[32:12] Tips for aspiring writers

[34:45] What makes a good horror story

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