TIH 007: The Lords of Salem Review with Booked

The Lords of Salem

In this podcast we review The Lords of Salem with our friends at Booked Podcast, Livius Nedin and Robb Olson.


[01:10] Introductions

[01:55] Past experiences with Rob Zombie

[05:50] The Lords of Salem synopsis

[08:48] Revisiting the past/the witch trials

[11:30] Expectations going into the film

[13:30] Rob Zombie and originality

[16:32] Music video style scene towards the end

[19:00] Sheri Moon Zombie performance

[21:00] John Costello gives a restrained opinion

[24:00] Are there any original ideas in horror cinema?

[27:25] Homage to horror

[28:22] Heidi spoiler

[31:30] Can Rob Zombie write and direct movies?

[34:55] Activating the women of Salem in the novel but not explicitly in the movie

[39:10] Where are the residents of Salem?

[42:05] Salem Witch Trials authors

[43:16] Visuals

[46:58] What if this had been historically accurate?

[52:00] Relationship between Whitey and Heidi

[53:00] Creepy weird chicken jerk-off (yes you read that correctly)

[53:55] Overall rating

[58:08] Great horror movies

[01:03:00] Horror television shows

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Booked podcast

The Lords of Salem review

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Interlude music credits

Lords of Salem – Rob Zombie
Never Gonna Stop Me – Rob Zombie

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