TIH 005: The Bay Review and An Interview with Conrad Williams

The Bay

In this podcast we review Barry Levinson’s found footage horror film The Bay. Following on from this we interview Conrad Williams, award-winning author of One, Decay Inevitable, Loss of Separation and the third This Is Horror chapbook, The Fox.


[0:54] The Bay synopsis

[1:30] The effectiveness of found footage in The Bay

[5:17] Was the soundtrack a mistake?

[6:30] The Bay and the ‘documentary’ setup

[8:15 ] Barry Levinson’s past work and what he brings to horror

[9:30] To what extent is this a horror film?

[13:00] The moral message and effectiveness of eco-horror

[15:15] Is The Bay too preachy?

[19:20] Delivering horror and suspense effectively

[20:59] The benefits of Levinson having not worked on many horror films

[21:47] Why Barry Levinson should make World War Z

[23:47] Our favourite scenes

[25:20] Where does The Bay into the found footage tradition?

[30:55] Why has The Bay divided fans?

[33:52] Our verdict on The Bay

[34:23] Interview with Conrad Williams

[35:00] Conrad’s introduction to horror

[37:50] The importance of reading a lot and outside of the genre

[39:25] The writing routine

[41:19] Having a full-time job and writing fiction

[42:55] The Fox

[47:56] The childhood trauma in The Fox

[49:35] Short VS Long stories

[52:45] The advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing

[54:47] Independent publishing houses

[55:45] Literary agents

[56:59] The importance of social media and a digital presence

[59:15] What makes a good story?

[1:01:30] Real horrors VS the fantastical/supernatural

[1:04:31] The post-apocalyptic novel

[1:06:55] What’s a good starting point for Conrad Williams’ fiction?

[1:09:10] Forthcoming Conrad Williams releases

[1:11:07] Words of advice for writers

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The Bay review

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  1. I want to listen to Conrad but I’m not interested in The Bay. Unfortunately I have no way of moving the cursior forward. Could this be put right in future podcasts please?

  2. Hi Steve,

    You can move the cursor forward to any point in the episode using the embedded player on this page. Just click play and then move the point to 34 minutes 32 seconds and you can listen to the Conrad Williams interview without having to listen to the review beforehand.

    Similarly you can download the audio and move it forward using whichever media player you have on your PC. You can also listen to the podcast via iTunes and Stitcher, both of which enable you to fast forward.

    I hope this is of help.



    1. I tried that but couldn’t. I will try again.

      1. I’ve just had another look. You have to press ‘play’ to start the podcast buffering before it allows you to move the cursor. Simply pressing play and then immediately pausing it will suffice to start the buffering process.



        1. I still had trouble. I downloaded instead, and am listening now. Thanks!

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