TIH 011: Paul Hyett on The Seasoning House and The Importance of Tension

Paul Hyett

In this podcast we interview Paul Hyett, the writer and director of The Seasoning House.


The Seasoning House[01:00] Paul Hyett interview and introduction to The Seasoning House

[03:26] Keeping the subject matter sincere and authentic

[05:12] Releasing The Seasoning House uncut

[06:36] The challenge of a relative silent first half

[08:05] Paul E. Francis’ soundtrack

[10:19] The relationship between Angel & Vanya

[15:45] The relationship between Victor & Angel

[18:28] Rosie Day’s performance and stunts

[20:22] Rosie’s audition

[23:19] The importance of tension

[26:11] Backstabbing and mistrust in The Seasoning House and as a wider commentary

[27:31] Dark comedy amongst the horror

[29:15] Steady camera in The Seasoning House

[30:41] Working under tight time constraints

[32:40] Transition from special effects to writing and directing

[34:35] Lessons learnt during The Seasoning House

[36:08] Directors and writers that have inspired Paul Hyett

[38:15] How the digital age has affected horror cinema

[40:43] Upcoming projects

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The Seasoning House review

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Interlude music credits

Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse – Dimmu Borgir
Disciple – Slayer

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