This Is Horror Chapbook Six: The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones

Last month we announced the fifth chapbook in the This Is Horror chapbook series and now it’s time to announce number six. We are absolutely delighted to announce The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones as the sixth chapbook in the series. Having won Novel of the Year for The Last Final Girl in 2012 we are incredibly excited about unleashing terrifying chiller The Elvis Room into the world. Pre-order details for both The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones and Chalk by Pat Cadigan will be made available soon. In the meantime please (re)subscribe to the chapbook series here to guarantee your copy of The Elvis Room.  As always the print run will be strictly limited so subscribe to the series to avoid disappointment. For now, check out the cover art from Pye Parr and the blurb below.

The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones

What if you weren’t looking for evidence of the supernatural, but found it all the same? A true research scientist can either hide that evidence or tell the world. Either way it’s going to haunt you. Either way your life is never going to be same.

Find out what’s always on the other side of the door.

It’s the Elvis Room.

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  1. I love the artwork on the front cover of the elvis room! I am thrilled about chapbook’s in particular and too they are becoming popular! I am trying to decide whether or not to go 200 pages with my new book or 120 pages. I think that a book with shorter pages is just as good as a book with more pages, let’s say 400 or so. I am not putting down the authors who can easily nail these many pages in a book- a good book! But, I am putting a word in for the shorts and I had the chance to save a short a few months ago by a new publisher that’s just starting out fresh. I know if a story is great then the reader will want to read more but if the story is done right whether it’s short or long it will go far and eventually make it to the top best seller list, and that’s my aim for one day. Here’s cheers and hats off to all the shorts!

  2. Good on ya, SJG. ANDANDAND how cool to see Pat Cadigan’s name in lights!

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