Grab Water For Drowning by Ray Cluley for just 99p!

Water_For_Drowning_This_Is_HorrorStarting today, Water For Drowning by Ray Cluley is just 99p in the Amazon UK store. Buy a copy here. But don’t delay, this offer runs out at 8:00am on 10 October 2015.

Not only does Water For Drowning include the British Fantasy award-winner ‘Shark! Shark! as a bonus story but Water For Drowning has been nominated for a British Fantasy Award this year in the ‘Best Novella’ category. We’ll find out very soon – 25 October, in fact – if it’s won.

Here’s what others have said about Water For Drowning:

“Haunting in its plausibility… Water for Drowning will immerse you in a sea of inescapable, personal darkness.”

“Real life and legend collide in Cluley’s haunting tale. By turn tragic and beautiful, the emotions ebb and flow like the tide. Water For Drowning is heartbreaking. It plays on your mind and leaves questions unanswered, as all good horror should. Recommended.”

“A wonderful story of contemporary life meets folklore and fairy tale. The characters are fascinating and the plot beautifully woven – I loved it. Highly recommended!” 

“I loved every harsh, bitter word of it.”

And a little blurb to whet your appetite:

For Josh, falling in love does not fit in with his rock and roll lifestyle. And falling for someone who believes in mermaids? Who wants to be one? Well, he wasn’t expecting that, either.

But the sea is deep with mysteries. Sometimes they wash ashore, whispered in the hush of a quiet tide, and all you have to do is listen. Other times you have to explore the dark beneath the surface yourself, unsure of what you might find…

Bonus content

  • Special introduction about the genesis of Water For Drowning by Ray Cluley
  • Bonus story: the British Fantasy Award winning story ‘Shark! Shark!’

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