Frightfest 2013 Film Review: Missionary


“An efficient chiller!”

Anthony DiBlasi’s Missionary is the story of Elder Brock (a great performance from Mitch Ryan), a Mormon searching for families to convert. After a brief fling with what can only be described as a seductress/cougar, Elder Brock is dismissed and replaced by the seductress’s estranged husband, who is eager to atone for his mistakes and become part of the family once again. Now, Elder Brock is not just a Mormon; he’s a psychotic with prior history, and the seductress is soon cursing the day she ever slept with him as he becomes more relentless. This is an efficient chiller, but nothing original. Missionary is simply Coffin Rock with a religious angle; a reverse Fatal Attraction, if you will. It’s entertaining enough, and comparing the recruitment of families to Mormonism to stalking is a deft touch.


Second Opinion

Fatal Attraction with Mormons, Missionary actually draws some interesting parallels between stalking and religious recruitment by combining them in a storyline in which unhinged Mormon missionary Elder Brock (Mitch Ryan) begins to take rather too great an interest in recently separated mum Katherine Kingsman. After initially accepting his advances his subsequent rejection seemingly tips him over the edge as he pursues her relentlessly. Then it turns out it’s all happened before. A nice gentle start to this one allows the tension to build and the added subtext of the religious angle means this one’s more than just a standard psycho stalker pic.


Director: Anthony DiBlasi
Writers: Bruce Wood, Scott Poiley
Starring: Dawn Olivieri, Mitch Ryan, Kip Pardue
Certificate: 18
Running time: 95 minutes
FrightFest Screening: 25 August 2013

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