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FrightFest – Monday 27 August 2012

American Mary

When? 11am, Monday 27 August
Where? Main Screen

Directors: Jen & Sylvia Soska
Running time: 100 mins
Starring: Katharine Isabelle, Julia Maxwell, Antonio Cupo, Paul Anthony, Paula Lindberg

A medical student is broke and disenchanted with her studies. The allure of easy money leads her to the world of body modification and underground surgeries where her customers will pay anything to get their unusual procedures carried out.


When? 11:05am, Monday 27 August. 9:05pm, Saturday 25 (Discovery Screen)
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Peter Engert
Running time: 92 mins
Starring: Edward Furlong, Monica Keena, C J Thomason, Christine Kelly, Andre Royo

It’s World War III and the USA is in meltdown. Nine strangers are stuck together in a farmhouse in rural Texas and have to endure claustrophobia, hunger, personality clashes, radiation sickness and hoards of terrified half-dead refugees.

We are the Night

When? 11:15pm, Monday 27 August. 10:30am, Sunday 26 August (Discovery Screen)
Where? Rediscovery Screen

Director: Dennis Gansel
Running time: 100 mins
Starring: Karoline Herfurth, Nina Hoss, Jennifer Ulrich, Anna Fischer, Max Riemelt

We are the Night is full of gory bloodsucking energy. Louise and Charlotte are searching for those they’ve lost, with lots of blood shed along the way.


When? 1:30pm, Monday 27 August
Where? Main Stage

Director: Ryan Smith
Running time: 90 mins
Starring: Steven Strait, Karolina Wydra, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Ric Reitz

Two survivors of a bus crash wake up in hospital and realise they are the only people left alive. They must work together to figure out what has happened in the strange town.

Before Dawn

Before Dawn

When? 1:35pm, Monday 27 August. 6:40pm, Saturday  25 August (Discovery Screen)
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Dominic Brunt
Running time: 90 mins
Starring: Dominic Brunt, Joanne Mitchell, Nicky Evans, Eileen O’Brien, Holly Illis.

A couple go to the Yorkshire countryside in an attempt to heal their turbulent relationship, unfortunately their trip is in shambles when their holiday is invaded by blood thirsty zombies.


When? 3:15pm, Monday 27 August
Where? Main Screen

Director: Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Running time: 98 mins
Starring: Vincent D’Onofrio, Eamon Farren, Julia Ormond, Jake Weber, Conor Leslie

A serial killer kidnaps a mother and her son. He kills the mother and keeps the son chained up in his home as a slave while he goes about kidnapping more victims and bringing them back to the house.

A Night of Nightmares

A Night of Nightmares

When? 3:20pm, Monday 27 August, 7:05pm, Friday 24 August (Discovery Screen)
Where?– Discovery Screen

Director: Buddy Giovinazzo
Running time: 84 mins
Starring: Marc Senter, Elissa Dowling, Richard Portnow, Margaux Lancaster, Beau Nelson.

An internet DJ is invited to a singer/songwriter’s cabin in the Californian woods for an interview. Suspense builds and strange things start to happen in the cabin.

May I kill U?

When? 4pm, Monday 27 August. 10:15am, Saturday 25 August (Discovery Screen)
Where? Rediscovery Screen

Director: Stuart Urban
Running time: 90 mins
Starring: Kevin Bishop, Jack Doolan, Frances Barber, Hayley-Marie Axe, Kasia Koleczek.

Barry Vartis is a bicycle cop, a freak accident turns him into a psychotic killer on a rampage of ‘lawful murders’ that he films and posts on the internet.

The Possession

When? 6:15pm, Monday 27 August
Where? Main Screen

Director Ole Bornedal
Running time: 90 mins
Starring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Natasha Calis, Madison Davenport, Grant Show, Jackson Walker

A family must pull together against an unimaginable malicious evil that is released when their daughter becomes obsessed with an antique wooden box covered in arcane Hebrew inscriptions.

The Inside

The Inside

When? 6:30pm, Monday 27 August, 12:45pm, Sunday 26 August (Discovery Screen)
Where? Rediscovery Screen

Director: Eoin Macken
Running time: 93 mins
Starring: Emmett Scanlan, Tereza Srbova, Karl Argue, Kellie Blaise, Siobhan Cullen

A group of girls throw a party in an abandoned warehouse in Dublin but find themselves trapped in the building at the mercy of a supernatural horror.


When? 6:35pm, Monday 27 August, 3:00pm, Friday 24 August (Discovery Screen)
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Stig Svendsen
Running time: 84 mins
Starring: Christopher Backus, John Getz, Shirley Knight, Joey Slotnik, Anita Briem.

Nine people enter a lift on the night of an investment company’s cocktail party. Suspenseful plot twists reveal that one of the nine is keeping dangerous secrets, and the elevator gets stuck 50 floors above ground…

Tower Block


When? 9pm Monday 27 August
Where? Main Screen

Directors: James Nunn & Ronnie Thompson
Running time: 87 mins
Starring: Sheridan Smith, Russell Tovey, Jack O’Connell, Ralph Brown, Jill Baker

Serenity House tower block is soon to be demolished, the last to be re-housed are the top floor residents. Something happens that makes them the targets of a psychopathic sniper who has booby-trapped all exits from the building. This British thriller is filled with tension and suspense.


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