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FrightFest – Friday 24 August 2012

Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut 

When? 10am, Friday 24 August
Where? Main Screen

Director: Clive Barker
Running time: 145 mins
Starring: Craig Sheffer, Anne Bobby, David Cronenberg, Charles Haid, Hugh Quarshie

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed has had rumours of missing scenes, special edition releases and lost footage. Working from Barker’s original script the 1990 Nightbreed has been re-released as Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut.

Guinea Pigs 

When? 10:10am, Friday 24 August. 1:50pm, Saturday 25 August
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Ian Clark
Running time: 90 mins
Starring: Alex Reid, Aneurin Barnard, Nia Roberts, Steve Evets, Skye Lourie

Volunteers travel to an isolated clinic to take part in a clinical trial for a new drug PRO-9. The guinea pigs wake up hearing screams from the first group of participants to be injected with the drug. The night is horrific for each volunteer as they succumb to the drug’s effects.

The Victim 

When? 1pm, Friday 24 August, 9:35pm, Sunday 26 August (Discovery Screen)
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Michael Biehn
Running time: 83 mins
Starring: Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc, Ryan Honey, Danielle Harris, Denny Kirkwood

Two best friends run into crooked cops who attack them in the woods, one of them is raped and killed and the other finds herself seeking help from an ex-convict. The Victim is a suspense filled psychological thriller.

Hidden in the Woods 

When? 1:20pm, Friday 24 August
Where? Main Screen

Director: Patricio Valladares
Running time: 97 mins
Starring: Siboney Lo, Carolina Escobar, Daniel Antivilo, Jose Hernandez, Serge Francois Soto

Inspired by true events, Hidden in the Woods is the story of two sisters brought up in an isolated forest and terrorised by their drug dealing father. Dark and gruesome, Hidden in the Woods is an intense, fast-paced thriller.


When? 3pm, Friday 24 August
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Stig Svendsen
Running time: 84 mins
Starring: Christopher Backus, John Getz, Shirley Knight, Joey Slotnik, Anita Briem

Nine people enter a lift on the night of an investment company’s cocktail party. Suspenseful plot twists reveal that one of the nine is keeping dangerous secrets, and the elevator gets stuck 50 floors above ground with them all trapped inside…


When? 6:15pm, Friday 24 August
Where? Main Screen

Directors: Adam Wingard, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, David Bruckner, Joe Swanberg, Ti West
Running time: 115 mins
Starring: Calvin Reeder, Lane Hughes, Adam Wingard, Hannah Fierman, Mike Donlan

Six strange tapes, six horrific stories, six acclaimed directors. Featured at the Sundance Film Festival 2012 it’s a terrifying anthology of fear.

A Night of Nightmares

A Night of Nightmares

When? 7:05pm, Friday 24 August
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Buddy Giovinazzo
Running time: 84 mins
Starring: Marc Senter, Elissa Dowling, Richard Portnow, Margaux Lancaster, Beau Nelson

An internet DJ is invited to a singer/songwriter’s cabin in the Californian woods for an interview. Suspense builds and strange things start to happen in the cabin.

[REC]3 Genesis 

When? 9:15pm, Friday 24 August
Where? Main Screen

Director: Paco Plaza
Running time: 80 mins
Starring: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin, Ismael Martinez, Alex Monner, Claire Baschet

[REC] continues the series with director Paco Plaza in this gore-filled Spanish zombie film. This time the zombies break out during the reception disco of a posh wedding in a barcelona mansion.

Sawney: Flesh of Man

When? 9:20pm, Friday 24 August. 9:10pm, Saturday 25 August (Rediscovery Screen)
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Ricky Wood Jr
Running time: 89 mins
Starring: David Hayman, Samuel Feeney, Gavin Mitchell, William Houston, Elizabeth Brown

Religious psychopath Sawney abducts unholy souls then rapes, tortures and eats his victims. When a journalist’s fiancée is taken by the cannibal he investigates the crime himself, with gruesome consequences.


When? 11:30pm, Friday 24 August
Where? Main Screen

Director: Conor McMahon
Running time: 85 mins
Starring: Ross Noble, Tommy Knight, Gemma Leah Devereaux, Eoghan McQuinn, Lorna Dempsey

Ross Noble stars in this black comedy horror that will leave you in stitches. It’s a Coulrophobic’s dream of murderous mischief.

Errors of the Human Body 

When? 11:40pm, Friday 24 August. 7:05pm, Sunday 26 August
Where? Discovery Screen

Director: Eron Sheean
Running time: 100 mins
Starring: Michael Eklund, Karoline  Herfurth, Tomas Lemarquis, Rik Mayall, Caroline Gerdolle.

One scientist takes up a job researching a human regeneration gene at an institute in Germany. This is a provocative exploration of rage within the shadowy basement of the research clinic.


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