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2013 FILM4 FrightFest Preview
A grave state – an exploration of the horror genre today
A short history of the chapbook (and why every horror reader should own at least one)

An Introduction to Australian Horror
Black Static and its importance to women horror writers
Black Static: The Horror Magazine

Christmas Ghost Stories

Decapitating Gingerbread Men

Dexter: Season 7 Preview
Facebook’s Witch Hunt: Horror, social media, and bullying
Fathers, Sons and Monsters

Found footage films: have we seen enough?

FrightFest 2012 Preview

Gary McMahon on new anthology Visions Fading Fast
Happy Birthday Christopher Lee
Happy Birthday M.R. James. Part I
Happy Birthday M.R. James. Part II
Happy Valentine’s Day: Horror Style
Harry Harrison: 12 March 1925 – 15 August 2012

How to Watch a Horror Film, The Ultimate Guide

International Women’s Day: Decapitating Gingerbread Men
International Women’s Day: Women of Horror
Joel Lane
Looking back at Alien (before Prometheus lands)
My Bloody Valentine (An alternative Valentine’s Day message)
Religion Won’t Save You: Religious Tropes in Horror Films
Remembering Ray Bradbury
Resident Evil 6 Preview, First Impressions
R.I.P James Herbert, 8 April 1943 – 20 March 2013
R.I.P Richard Matheson: You Are Legend, 1926 – 2013
The Summer Blockbuster, A History of Horror Cinema

Tim Marquitz on Malon Edwards in Four in the Morning
Thank You for Not Smoking
World Book Day – Celebrating Horror
Writers And Punks: In Memory of Rick Hautala

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