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Colin Leslie remembers Ray Bradbury

RIP Ray BradburyThere is something timeless about Ray Bradbury’s writing. I read him as a kid and I still read him today. His books grow up with you, his melancholia ripens with each passing Autumn, his ideas continue to surprise and delight.

Only last week I gave a friend my well worn copy of Something Wicked This Way Comes and only this morning I asked her what she thought, “brilliant” was the inevitable reply, I then gave her a rather long list of follow-up books.

All that took place before I had heard of Ray Bradbury’s passing but I don’t think of it as a coincidence. You see I have been spreading word of Ray Bradbury’s talent for years and not a single person I have given Something Wicked…, Dandelion Wine or Farenheit 451 to has failed to be impressed.

We were taught Ray Bradbury at school, I vividly recall reading A Sound Of Thunder in class and being mesmerised, it was probably the very first Science Fiction story I read and the one which inspired me to carry on reading genre fiction to this day.

For that and for all his timeless works – Thank You Ray.


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