Exclusive: Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey, Cover Reveal

Black Feathers by Joseph D'Lacey

We are tremendously excited to unveil in a world exclusive the cover to Joseph D’Lacey’s forthcoming novel Black Feathers. As you can see it really is a stunning piece of art: silver-foil on rough black paper stock – just beautiful. But enough gushing, we caught up with the man himself, Joseph D’Lacey to see what’s happened since his signing with Angry Robot.

Joseph, wonderful to catch-up with you again. With the cover now revealed and the launch imminent, what plans do you have for the marketing and promotion of Black Feathers?

I’ve got some ideas for how we might publicise the book but it’s a little early to say for certain what we’ll do – besides, if there are any surprises in store, I wouldn’t want to spoil them!

There will definitely be a launch event but the venue has yet to be decided.

When and where will Black Feathers be available for pre-order?

I’ll have to let my editor, Lee Harris, field that one. However, the novel is already listed as a pre-order item on amazon.

You’ve had a great year with the release of various titles. Talk us through 2012.

It’s been a great year – seeing the release of Snake Eyes, Splinters and Blood Fugue – but it followed some trying times and a long period during which it probably looked like I wasn’t writing. In reality, I never stopped but circumstances certainly prevented my work reaching readers for almost three years. I’m happy to leave that patch behind.

What has been the standout moment of 2012 for you?

It’s a funny thing; despite the elation of nailing three book deals this year, the highlight has been finding a new representative in Brie Burkeman. She takes being an agent to a whole new level and has already made a massive difference to my career. If anyone can help me to reach a wider audience, it is she.

MEAT received huge praise from Stephen King. Will he be reading a copy of Black Feathers and will other famous authors and genre figures receive a copy?

Angry Robot are very keen for us to seek praise from other authors. So, this year – in another first – I found myself emailing writers I admire to ask if they’d read the novel and perhaps give me some kind of quote if they liked it. The response was very positive and quotes have started to come in. Good ones, I’m relieved to say. I doubt Mr. King will receive a copy – though I’d love it if he did – but let’s face it, he’s already given me the quote that keeps on giving. I wouldn’t want to push my luck!

Last time we spoke you’d just signed with Angry Robot and landed Brie Burkeman as your agent, how are both working out for you and what have they brought to you as an author?

Working with both parties has been an excellent experience. The AR team know exactly what they’re doing and are very easy to work with. Brie hands out tough love at times but I also know that there’s nothing we can’t discuss. She’s ruthlessly efficient and I’m a complete dreamer. We make a good team.

Do you think Black Feathers will translate well to the screen and if so are you looking into selling film or television rights? Which do you feel it lends itself to more?

It has that broad canvas that would probably suit film better than TV. That said, because of its length, I suppose it might work as a mini-series. I’d be delighted to see either.

I first heard MEAT as an audiobook, will an audio recording of Black Feathers coincide with the book launch?

There will be an audiobook, which is brilliant because I think it will make a wonderful ‘told’ tale.

Black Feathers sounds like it will appeal to fans of fantasy, horror and epic adventure – did you set out to transcend genre?

I think it will appeal to a much wider section of readers for exactly those reasons but that was never my aim when I wrote it. As always, the story comes first and this was a story I’ve been wanting to uncover for many years. I do hope it entertains everyone who picks it up.

Finally, as is key to so many of your books will there be an ecological spin to Black Feathers?

It’s more than spin. The human relationship with the land and the environment forms the beating heart of the novel. Without that aspect, Black Feathers would never have interested me as a project. I don’t feel that way about all my stories but Black Feathers is the most ecological story I’ve ever written.

Thank you to Angry Robot and Joseph D’Lacey for giving us the opportunity to reveal Black Feathers. Don’t forget to head on over to Amazon and pre-order Black Feathers.


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