Doll Parts Falling Into Place

Doll Parts by Wayne SimmonsThis year will see the release of Wayne Simmons’ new book Doll Parts, and to celebrate Wayne has been releasing a few tasty morsels to whet our appetites. Firstly, the book’s publisher Snowbooks has released the back cover blurb, giving a bit more detail about the follow up to Drop Dead Gorgeous

”Roughly 99% of Belfast’s population suddenly dropped dead.

Some have risen again, and a horde of the beautiful undead is descending upon the city, wreaking bloody vengeance on the few left alive.

An unlikely group of survivors flee the carnage, heading for the city’s main airport. But their refuge there may quickly come to an end as the living dead close in to besiege the living.”

In addition to the new book details, Wayne has announced that he will be dedicating his blog to his favourite horror tattoo artists. This celebration will include a guest blog from Dan Henk as well as interviews and contributions from Sween, Jan Moat, Chris Frickin Jones and Hazel Nicholls amongst others.

Be sure to check Wayne’s fabulous website for all of the top quality tattoo content and details of Doll Parts.


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