The Cutting Room: 31

31 movie posterA camper van of carnival workers are kidnapped in the middle of nowhere by a trio of debauched decadents. Set loose in a derelict factory compound full of creepy passages containing nasty traps, the abductors led by Father Murder place bets on who will survive the longest in a 12-hour period of pain and maim against an array of sadistic clowns with such clear-cut nicknames as Psycho-Head, Sick-Head, Death-Head and Sex-Head.

Why we’re looking forward to this: If you’ve ever seen a Rob Zombie film (and if you’re reading this then we’re guessing that you have) then you know that whatever comes out of his mind and ends up on the screen is going to be a wild ride and not for the faint hearted.

31’s Battle Royale cum Saw premise has the potential to make both of those films look like Disney offerings, and even when Zombie isn’t on top form (the dismal Halloween remake and it’s even more tedious sequel) the viewer is guaranteed a mind bending, stomach churning experience that will leave FrightFest patrons needing a stiff drink at the bar afterwards.

31 is screening on Sunday 28 August at FrightFest.


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