Product Launch: Buy This Is Horror T-Shirts and Other Merchandise Today and Save 20%

this is horror merchandise

At long last, This Is Horror is unleashing its brand to the world in the form of three deliciously dark designer t-shirts with imagery by artist Pye Parr. The red on black skull, green on black tentacles, and the purple on black raven, each with This Is Horror text, are ready for human consumption (Editor’s Note: and inhuman consumption, no prejudice here).

It’s not just t-shirts, though. You can order the design of your choice for hoodies, MacBook covers, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases, even spiral notebooks. Can’t make up your mind which design you like? Buy all three! One design for a t-shirt, a spiral notebook, and a case for your iPhone will show the world that you enjoy This Is Horror.

We’re selling our merchandise exclusively through Redbubble, check out our product range here.

As luck would have it Redbubble are running a site-wide 20% off discount today. So if you order before 11:59 p.m. using the discount code TEAFOR20 you’ll receive 20% off EVERYTHING!

So, what are you waiting for? Order This Is Horror merchandise today, represent the brand, show your love and support for horror and get 20% off. It really is that simple.


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