Book Review: Unger House Radicals by Chris Kelso

“A deliriously marvelous and brutal encounter with a serial killer and filmmaker.”

An aspiring filmmaker, Vincent, falls for a serial killer by the name of Brandon. Their dreams of creating their own style of extreme films, Ultra-Realism, is carried out in The Unger House. It’s a place that already has a reputation for terrible things taking place there but those previous events pale in comparison to what the lovers do to achieve their ultimate goal of creating a high-art snuff film.

It’s brutal, visceral and gory yet none of that takes away from Kelso’s unique style of writing. The story is told through imaginative prose, letters and poetry. The storyline doesn’t flow like your average horror story but that’s what makes it special. There are times it seems like a lucid dream, like being a voyeur in a human slaughterhouse, but as it melds back together the story is clear to the point of being startling. Imagine living in the brain of this deranged killer and his partner as their fantasies become reality in their bloody hands. This is true horror, beyond imaginary monsters, the motives of psychos and the vile things they do, the human beasts that lurk in the darkness soliciting and coaxing unsuspecting humans to their deaths.

Chris Kelso displays a mastery of genre-blending not only in Unger House Radicals, but also in The Black Dog Eats the City. Both show his capacity to speak about the dark things people often want to forget about, depression, abuse, murder, and death, though Unger House Radicals is more extreme and violent. They both cast a long shadow, not only in subject matter but in talent, leaving many to take notice of the exceptional work the writer put into them, creating true art from his words and the darkness of his imagination.

Some of Unger House Radicals feels like it could not be real at all, leaving the reader wondering what the hell just happened. As the non-linear plot unfolds it all feels like a sadistic puzzle coming together, creating a deliriously marvelous encounter with a serial killer and filmmaker and their quest to bring to life their own form of art.


Publisher: Crowded Quarantine Publications
eBook: (170pp)
Release Date: June 11 2016

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