Blood will be shed in February

Blood Ocean Front CoverAs 2012 trundles on, the book releases just keep on coming! Firstly, recent Meet The Writer participant Weston Ochse has announced the latest tome in his Afterblight Chronicles series.

Blood Ocean is a stand-alone story in the Afterblight universe. It is the story of Kavika Kamalani, a young boy who finds one of his friends killed and drained of his blood. Kavika takes it upon himself to find his killer but before long is kidnapped and subjected to some terrifying events of his own. Kavika must push himself to his limits and stare death in the face if he wants to succeed.

Blood Ocean is the latest in a string of books from Weston Ochse and guarantees to be a gripping account of survival in a brutal post-apocalyptic world.

Blood Ocean  is available to buy this week and is published by Abaddon.

Elsewhere in the horror sphere, another Meet The Writer participant American author Deno Sandz will finally have his latest novel Blood Plantation available for UK distribution by the end of the month.

Blood Plantation is a brutal tale of slavery, oppression and vengeance. Originally enslaved in 1810 in the deep south of America, the protagonist The Soul of the Ocean begins to wreak his terrifying revenge on the blood line of his oppressors in 2010.


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