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Tales To TerrifyWinner: Tales To Terrify
Runner up: Booked.

Having crawled hand-over-hand, down from the ceiling by way of the window frame, I am now back at floor-level, am vertical, and at my computer tapping away to thank all who voted for Tales to Terrify as Podcast of the Year during the This Is Horror awards season for 2013.  So, thank you, Children of the Night. And thank you, all the several hundred authors, poets, artists and musicians who contributed your life-force to make the show possible. And thank you Cher Eaves and Laura Nealis and Dee Cunniffe for organizing, shuffling, keeping the work flowing. And thank you Tony C, Smith, producer and father confessor to all who live in the District of Wonders. And… thank you, little gray and black dragon from the last century who has lived beneath my bed and kept me happily frightened of the dark ever since 1950. As Tony would say, “I’m chuffed.”

 Larry Santoro

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