Autumn: Horror in the East book launch and new special guest

Autumn: Horror in the EastJoseph D’Lacey, author of MEAT, Garbage Man and The Kill Crew, has announced that his latest book Splinters will be launched at the Autumn: Horror in the East event in November. Splinters is published by Timeline Books and is a collection of D’Lacey’s short stories including ‘Food of Love’ and ‘Mango Tree’.

D’Lacey’s relationship with Timeline Books has been long in the making. Joseph recalls, “I first met Simon Key on the day he opened the Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green. I arrived in the Meatwagon, signed a load of books and swanned off again like some deluded celebrity. I never thought at the time that Simon would become such a fan of my work or that he’d one day be publishing it. Splinters contains my best short stories from the last eleven years and it’s a dream come true to finally see them collected like this. Everything about the book is unorthodox – as you’ll see from the Timeline Books blog – and there’ll be more surprises inside it after you take the wrapper off. This is probably a good moment to say a massive thank you to Simon for his support and enthusiasm and to give him a big kiss. Mwah!”

Simon Key’s enthusiasm for D’Lacey shone through when we asked him about the forthcoming Splinters, “From the moment I first read MEAT, I knew that Joseph was a very special writer. I was staggered by the power and also by the control of his writing. I bloody loved it. And then I set up this publishing company called Timeline Books. Well of course I wanted to publish some of Joseph’s stories. So I asked him. And you know what, he said yes! I’ve spent blissful afternoons reading through all his short stories and what I hope we’ve done is put together a collection that gives the reader an idea of how incredible Joseph’s writing is. It is horrific, as you’ll discover in stories like ‘Food of Love’ and the delightfully titled ‘Son of Porn’. But there’s a haunting touch in ‘The Quiet Ones’ & ‘Kundalini’ that true fans of dark fiction will appreciate. I am so excited to be publishing this book. Joseph D’Lacey rocks.”

Timeline Books are producing 500 signed copies that will be released on 1 November. To pre-order a copy visit the Timeline Books website.

Joseph Freeman in the East

Joseph FreemanAutumn: Horror in the East have also announced that Joseph Freeman, author of October’s Child, Along the Corridor and Those Left Behind and other books will be a guest at the event. Follow Joseph Freeman’s Facebook page.

We caught up with Joseph Freeman for his thoughts on the event, “I’ve lived in East Anglia for the past twelve years and in that time it’s featured in, not to mention inspired, much of my work. The landscape has a unique other-worldly quality that can be both beautiful and sinister. The area has a history that is extraordinarily rich in ghosts and monsters. It’s an ideal setting for a horror convention, and I’m thrilled that one is finally taking place here, pleased to be a part of it, and have no doubt that it could become an annual fixture on all our calendars.”

The event takes place on 2 and 3 November 2012 at the Aspire Centre in Lowestoft. Other guests who will be reading at the event include David Moody, Joseph D’Lacey, Jasper Bark and Simon Bestwick.

The Autumn: Horror in the East event will also feature Q&A sessions, books by the guest authors on sale and a exclusive limited number of t-shirts.


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