Australia’s Most Terrifying and Haunted Places: Victoria

Kew AsylumAustralia, as a settled country, isn’t that old. Sydney and Melbourne are the two largest and oldest cities on the continent, yet we can only look back to the late 1700s for a Western history of the country. With such a short time-frame to work with, Australia has more than its fair share of reputedly-haunted locations. As a result of that, this column, which was to be based around the most terrifying places in Australia, has been narrowed down to a series of articles, one for each state of Australia.

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    • Andrea Marie Norwood on January 10, 2013 at 7:28 pm
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    I think that haunted places are so creepy and interesting. I plan to visit some of the most romantic and hospitality of haunted places: savannah, ga, charleston sc and charleston nc and washington dc, etc.

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