Art House Horror in Manchester

A Horrible Way To DieHorror hounds in the North of England will be treated to a night of Art House Horror by the wonderful people at Grimm Up North on Thursday 23 February. The event will feature two films of undoubted quality that are sure to please the discerning horror fan.

First on the bill is A Horrible Way To Die, a powerful and visceral modern psycho chiller that is guaranteed to linger in the minds of viewers. The guys at Grimm Up North are thrilled to be able to present it for screening before its official DVD launch in March.

Also showing is Amer, a psychosexual thriller with traits of 1970’s Italian horror cinema. A slick and stylish film, Amer brings something unique to the table for fans of the genre.

Tickets are available at £6.50 from the Grimm Up North website. The event itself will be held at The Dancehouse Theatre on Oxford Road, Manchester.


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