An award-winning bonus in Water For Drowning and win a rare signed copy of The Elvis Room

Water-For-Drowning-Shark-SharkA few weeks ago we announced our next This Is Horror release, Water For Drowning by Ray Cluley. It is now our pleasure to bring you further information about this fantastic release.

Water For Drowning is the first This Is Horror book to release as a mass market publication. With the main story weighing in at a meaty 16,000 words-plus we’ve decided to move it out of the restrictive limited edition chapbook format. This means the only way to receive a signed copy of Water For Drowning is to pre-order directly from the This Is Horror website or subscribe to the This Is Horror Chapbook seriesBuying Water For Drowning from any other outlet or buying via This Is Horror after the pre-order window will mean receiving a regular non-signature edition of Water For Drowning.

Don’t worry, though, we have a few plans to entice you all to pre-order this excellent story. How about a bonus story? Not just any bonus story but the British Fantasy Award-winning ‘Shark! Shark!’ We’re reprinting it in its entirety as a bonus with Water For Drowning. We’re also including a special introduction to Water For Drowning.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite we’re holding a prize draw for everyone who pre-orders Water For Drowning to win a copy of The Elvis Room by Stephen Graham Jones. Yes, that’s right, The Elvis Room that is completely sold out. We have three non-numbered and signed copies of The Elvis Room and we’re giving them all away to those who choose to pre-order Water For Drowning or take out a new This Is Horror Premium Subscription(If you have already pre-ordered Water For Drowning or have subscribed to the This Is Horror chapbook series but didn’t receive The Elvis Room you are automatically entered in the competition. Please direct any concerns or questions to

So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order Water For Drowning today. You can thank us later.

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