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Adam Millard

Adam MillardAdam Millard was born in Shrewsbury in September 1980, and shortly moved to Wolverhampton. His passion for writing soon became apparent with an old typewriter and an imagination that could only be described as disturbing yet brilliant.

His first break came when his Short story ‘What’s the world coming to?’ was published in Edge magazine in 2003. His first novel Only in Whispers was published the following year by Planetree.

Two fantasy/comedy novels followed in 2008. Set in the ridiculous realm of Underland The Ballad of Dax and Yendyll and Grimwald the Great proved that Adam was a versatile writer and not just a horror hack. Adam’s first collection of horror shorts was released in 2011, aptly entitled Chasing Nightmares.

Dead West saw Adam return to what he does best, gore and suspense. Released in early 2011, his zombie-western was a masterclass in horror storytelling. The sequel, Dead Cells, followed shortly after. The third book in the series, Dead Frost, was released in February 2012. Adam’s work has featured in several horror anthologies.

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