9 Must Read Horror Articles – 8 March 2013

Bride of ChuckyWelcome to a packed Must Read Horror, the place to find the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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Looking Back At David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers

This article from Den Of Geek takes a look back at Cronenberg’s 1988 horror drama, Dead Ringers. Starring Jeremy Irons in two roles, the film was initially going to be called Twins – as it’s loosely based on the novel by Bari Wood and Jack Geasland – but was changed at the last minute thanks to a certain Schwarzenegger/DeVito movie being released the same year.

6 Things Bride Of Chucky Taught Us About Love

Believe it or not, a lot can be learned about relationships and women from that little copper-topped demonic doll. This article at Jarvis City explores the somewhat unconventional relationship between Chucky and Tiffany, and what we should pay close attention to if we are to ever meet our “One”.

Opinion: Why Do We Run To Horror In Times Of Trouble?

This article from The List explores the reasons why we turn to horror in times of economic downturn, and asks the question: Is it simply to get us through our otherwise miserable days?

Clive Barker In Comics, Part One: Tapping The Vein

Clive Barker has a long history of comic book adaptations, and this article over at FearNet takes a look at Eclipse’s Tapping The Vein. Each issue featured two shorts from Barker’s Books Of Blood, and though it only ran for five issues, Tapping The Vein was yet more proof of Clive Barker’s seemingly endless talent.

Best Horror Movies Featuring Close Environments

Isolation is always a sure-fire way to create tension and horror in a movie. Put your characters down in a hole, in the Antarctic, or on a plane and you leave them nowhere to run. Pretty soon, the characters are at each other’s throats, adding to the ever-increasing consternation of the piece. This article from Horrormovies.ca looks at some of the best close-quarters horror movies.

Slasher Cinema Showcase: Madman

This article from FearNet takes a retrospective look at the 1982 hillbilly-slasher, Madman, particularly its Neanderthal-cum-yeti boogeyman, Madman Marz.

Sell-Out Or Not: George A. Romero

He’s directed some of the most revered horror movies committed to celluloid, but in recent years George Romero has only contributed by way of remakes and sub-par zombie movies (Survival Of The Dead, anyone?). This article at Arrow In The Head asks whether the Grandfather Of The Zombies has lost his integrity.

Real Succubus Tales: Sleep Paralysis And The Genesis Of Erotic Horror

You know what it’s like, one minute you’re sleeping, dreaming of nice things like success and ice-cream, the next you’re being molested by some raven-headed she-demon from the bowels of hell. Teeming Brain offer, for your reading pleasure, this fascinating article about Succubi and horrifying – and yet somehow erotic – dreams.

Revenge, Horror And Censorship: Avatar Press’s “Crossed”

This article over at Comic Book Resources delves into the Garth Ennis creation, Crossed, exploring its origins and some of the more brutal aspects of its plotline.


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