5 Must Read Horror Articles 7 October 2013

the_shining2-620x412It’s that time again, folks! We’ve been scouring for the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week on Must Read Horror:

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What Stanley Kubrick Got Wrong About The Shining

Often considered a masterpiece, Stanley Kubrick’s loose adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining has always been a controversial topic. For King fans (and King himself) it is a million miles from the source material. This article from The Salon explores the flaws of the movie, along with the genius of both director and author.

Face Off: Leprechaun in Space Vs. Jason X

When a franchise gets a little musty, there’s only one thing to do: Set the next movie in space. Hellraiser: Bloodline, Critters 4, and erm… Emmanuelle: First Contact? Anyway, this article over at Arrow in the Head looks at two franchises which left behind this wondrous planet of ours and took to the stars. Not only does it look at Leprechaun in Space and Jason X; it pits them against one another in a battle to the death, or something like that.

15 French Horror Films You Won’t Forget In A Hurry

You can say what you like about our French cousins (you can’t really; it’s rude and frowned upon) but they have a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to making great horror films. Here, What Culture looks at fifteen of the best horror films to come out of France. Magnifique!

How Horror Films Continue to Insult Women through the Final Girl Trope

The Final Girl is a well-worn trope in horror, but do you see them as a powerful female character or a misogynist’s wet-dream? In this article, Sound on Sight looks at how this seemingly harmless device could be considered insulting.

All Hallow’s Read: Scary Picks For 2013

It’s October, which can only mean one thing. Yes, a few weeks from now, strange children will be knocking your door dressed as spiders and little witches, begging for sweets in exchange for not setting fire to your house. Expect a lot of great articles between now and then, but in the meantime, Tor have come up with a list of great reads to get you in the mood for Halloween.


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    • Simon Evans on October 8, 2013 at 9:18 pm
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    I haven’t read the article yet, but Kubrick’s Shining, scared me when I saw it at the local Cinema late one night, when I thought I’d outgrown being scared by a film, which I’d also thought before I went to see ‘The Exorcist’ about 5 years before, anyhow that is the criteria of a good horror film – if it makes you a nervous wreck. It doesn’t have to slavishly follow the book – film is a translation from one medium to another, and there was stuff in the book that distracted like the topiary monsters – far cleverer to have a maze, also the ghost staff having insect faces – again a distraction from the core ookiness of just having creepy 20’s guests, and barstaff – and music, and the photo of Jack Torrance partying with the staff – again not in book but has got the sinister subtext.

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