5 Must Read Horror Articles 6 January 2014


Welcome, once again, to Must Read Horror. As we bid farewell to 2013 and usher in 2014, remove its coat, and force it into a corner with a stiff whiskey, you’ll be pleased to know that the internet is still teeming with fantastic horror articles, and that we will continue to force them upon you until you tell us – sobbing over your keyboard until it sizzles like a walrus’s vibrator – to stop, stop, stop the maaaaaaadneessss. This week:

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Top 10 Foreign Horror Films of 2013

With it being the start of a new year, everyone and their granny seems to be compiling their best-of lists for 2013. This one over at Arrow in the Head focusses on the best foreign horror movies of last year.

Horror Spotlight: Next Wave’s Ti West

He might be the directorial equivalent of Marmite – other sandwich and toast spreads are available – but whether you love him or downright loathe him there’s no denying Ti West’s talents. This article from Horrormovies.ca takes a look at The Innkeepers director’s career thus far, and what he’s got planned for the future.

Nightmare Royale #9 – Skipp’s Favourite 12-Anna-Half Horror Films of 2013

John Skipp’s regular column over at Fangoria continues, and it’s Skipp’s turn to point out his favourite horror movies of the past twelve months.

Sea Monsters from A to Z

Like most things (Tesco’s Beef Lasagne aside) this article does just what it says on the tin. Those pesky sea monsters have been coming up here, stealing our boats, drowning our pirates, and killing Doug McClure since records began. Somebody had to start making notes, and this article from Tor is as comprehensive a list as you could possibly get without it becoming more than just a hobby.

The Collective American Scream: Why Do Americans Love Horror Films?

Americans sure do love their horror films. Not like us Brits, whose lives revolve around Bridget Jones’s Diary, Downton Abbey, and The Sweeney reruns. This article from Vanity Fair looks at why horror is so popular in the states, and absolutely nowhere else…


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