5 Must Read Horror Articles 31 March 2014


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Ten of the Most Horrible Hospitals in Horror

Hospitals are not nice places. Filled with death, sick people, and overpriced vending machines, it’s easy to see why they have become a common trope in horror movies. This article from FearNet looks at ten hospitals you especially wouldn’t want to find yourself in.

Mind Meld: Horror – Why You Love It, Why We Write It, and Where It’s Going

In this article from SFSignal, Steve Rasnic Tem, John Mantooth, Jeff Strand, and many more discuss their thoughts on the current state of the genre, and why we all love it.

Toys of Terror #1

This brand new feature from Fangoria aims to bring you all the news and releases in horror toys. This first edition looks at Mezco’s definitive Chucky doll, Neco’s reproduction Alien egg, and Funko’s rather cutesy Captain Spaulding.

The Best Horror Movie Monsters That Used No CGI – Part 1

There was a time, and I remember it well, when computers were the same size as four-bed bungalows and had to be transported across the country in fleets. Back then, filmmakers had to rely on the skills of their FX department, who used something called practical (pronounced Prak-ti-kul, I think) effects. This might sound like something from science-fiction, but I assure you, it’s all true. Take a look at these movie monsters, compiled by HorrorMovies.ca, which had to be completely made up from scratch and by human hands. I shit you not!

The Reil World of Horror

Former professional wrestler Billy Reil’s inaugural column over at Horror News, in which he talks A Nightmare on Elm Street, his transition from pro-wrestling to acting, and 1987 Fox series, Werewolf, starring Chuck Connors.


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