5 Must Read Horror Articles 3 March 2014


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Ten Years Later: Saw and the Torture Porn Genre

“We’re gonna play a game.” A very simple sentence that means one of two things: a) you have some relatives over and it’s that time in the evening for Monopoly to make an appearance, or b) you’re about to die in the most brutal of fashions at the hands of a cancer-riddled maniac with a penchant for tricycle-riding puppets. It’s been ten years since Jigsaw began his tough-love massacre, spawning six sequels, including The Final Chapter which, as it transpires, might not be. This article from HorrorMovies.ca takes a look at the films and the future of torture porn.

Ten great Horror References From 90s Cartoons

Do you remember that episode of Peppa Pig where the whole family comes down with something nasty, turning them into flesh-eating wild boars? Or the episode of The Powerpuff Girls where Blossom suddenly starts bleeding in the shower, only for Bubbles and Buttercup to turn up and disgustedly toss tampons at her? Neither do I, but back in the 90s, cartoons liked to throw in a joke or two for the adults, and this article from FearNet looks at ten great horror references that would (read should) mean more to you than your kids.

Sequels and Remakes: The Good, The Bad, and The Regrettable: NOTLD

This article from Horror News looks at the sequels and remakes of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, picking out the ones that are worth your time, and the ones best avoided. They’re coming to get you, Barbara…

Joseph D’Lacey on Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

With the concluding half of his Black Dawn duology, The Book of the Crowman, about to hit shelves everywhere, SFFWorld turn to Joseph D’Lacey for his views on post-apocalyptic fiction, and what it takes to write a good apocalypse.

“No Redneck is This Creative”: True Detective and the Horror of Folk Art

There is a lot of speculation out there in Internetland regarding the new TV show, True Detective. Is it a cosmic mystery drama? Are Hart (Harrelson) and Cohle (McConaughey) the new Mulder and Scully, and if so will they kiss in a future episode? Is a cult responsible for the murders or is it the work of a serial killer? And what’s with all the damn folk art? This article over at Indiewire intends to get to the bottom of the last question whilst simultaneously looking at other important folk art appearances in the horror genre.


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