5 Must Read Horror Articles – 29 April 2013

The CrowIt’s that time again, folks! We’ve been scouring for the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week on Must Read Horror:

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Best Horror Games: A Complete History

Horror videogames have been around since the first computer. Who can forget the ten pixel adaptation of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the Atari 2600? While most are instantly forgettable – or so loosely based that you might as well blow out your old Pacman cartridge and play that instead – there were some gems along the way. This article from Computer And Videogames looks back at thirty years of horror gaming.

Clive Barker In Comics Part 3: Raising Hell At Marvel

The third part in Fearnet’s retrospective look at comics based upon the work of Clive Barker concentrates on the Epic Comics imprint adaptation of The Hellbound Heart.

Top 10 Great Horror Films of 1973 That Weren’t The Exorcist

1973 was a great year for horror. It was a time of originality, of unabashed gore, and the year a young, possessed girl with a penchant for head-spinning and pea-soup spewing masturbated with a crucifix. 1973 was the year of many great horror films, and this article from Den Of Geek takes a look at some of the ones that Linda Blair didn’t star in.

Horror Cinema’s Most Cursed Productions

How many stagehands have to get squashed by ill-fitted lighting rigs before we realise that dark forces are at work? The second Fearnet entry this week looks at those horror films plagued by death and conspiracy.

Adam Baker On The Subconscious Attractions Of A Zombie Narrative

This insightful article from Juggernaut and Outpost author, Adam Baker, looks at some of the reasons why zombie narratives are so appealing, and why we would at least like a crack at surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.


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