5 Must Read Horror Articles – 28 January 2013

Resident Evil FilmWelcome, once again, to Must Read Horror, where we bring you the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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Edgar Allan Poe and the Cult of the Unusual

Poe would have turned 204 last week – if we had somehow conquered immortality back in the 19th Century – and this article from Tor takes a look at his life and works.

20 facts about The Thing that might leave you suspiciously eyeing your dog

John Carpenter’s claustrophobic creature-feature, The Thing, is one of the most adored films amongst horror fans, and this extensive list over at Pajiba.com offers twenty factoids about the cast, crew and filming of the 1982 classic.

The feature that dripped blood – Horror Anthologies

With the UK release of V/H/S almost upon us, it’s clear that horror anthologies still have a market in the genre. IGN take a look at some of the most memorable portmanteaus, including those from the British production company, Amicus.

Land of Shadow and Substance: Where Is Everybody?

From its eerie theme music to Rod Serling’s wonderful narration and monologues, The Twilight Zone terrified a whole generation, and continued to do so with its re-emergence in 1985. Thomas Scopel at HorrorNews.net has gone back to the beginning, providing a retrospective look at the very first episode.

5 films that actually deserve a remake

With Hollywood apparently out of ideas, the remake is a sure-fire way of gaining attention and introducing a new generation to tried-and-tested movies. In reality, it often only succeeds at annoying fans of the original material. Horror-movies.ca takes a look at five movies worthy of the remake treatment.


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